Welcome to the APPAH Lab!

The Laboratory for the Assessment and Promotion of Physical Activity and Health (APPAH Lab) designs and conducts research to assess physical activity and health outcomes (e.g., cardiovascular disease, obesity, teen impaired driving), identify determinants of health/risk behavior, and promote physical activity and healthy/safe lifestyles. The main research focuses and initiatives of the APPAH, not limited to, are highlighted below:

  1. Assessment of physical activity using survey, accelerometry, and other newly emerging wearable devices.
  2. Associations between modifiable health behaviors and health outcomes (e.g., cardiovascular disease, obesity) using both traditional and Big Data approaches.
  3. Studies on teenage driving performance, teenage driving while alcohol/marijuana/other drug impaired (DWI), and teenage riding with an impaired driver (RWI).
  4. Physical Activity and Health Promotion in youth and adults.

You are welcome to contact the APPAH Lab about research interests and potential collaborations.